A Portable Bar For Instant Outdoor Parties

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A Portable Bar for the backyard patio or deck is an outdoor party idea that will almost instantly create some of the best patio or pool parties you've ever had. There won't be many barbeque or party invitations turned down when you throw a party. A portable wet bar is so versatile you'll be amazed why you didn't have one before.

An outdoor portable wet bar makes it very easy to throw a party. You don't even really have to plan the event that far in advance. Just pull out the portable outdoor bar from where you keep it, hook up a hose from a water source, and you have a full wet bar ready to pour and serve beer and cocktails, as well as store bar supplies and accessories.

If you have a swimming pool, push your portable wet bar over to the pool edge and mix and serve drinks poolside. Unfold and position the umbrella and stay in the shade and out of the heat.

When your party is over and the bar and party supplies, and the leftover drink items are put away, fold up and wheel the portable bar to a storage area or a corner of your patio or deck. Put a cover over it, and you'll keep it stored, out of the way, and ready until the next party.

Another idea for this bar, since it is very lightweight, is being able to use it as a Tailgating Bar for having some of the best tailgate parties. If you have some building or woodworking skills, you can find some of the best Bar Plans for building your own portable tailgate bar, as well as other easy bar plans.

Click on the link or image above to get this outdoor party bar for yourself. It gives you plenty of counter surface and a cutting board area. There's a market umbrella that attaches to the bar. It looks good and performs great. Basically, this is a full service bar on wheels.

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