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Budget BBQ For Economical Outdoor Cooking

budget bbq

The whole concept of inexpensive, or "Budget BBQ" is nothing new. As a matter of fact, the barbeque process itself originally comes from the use of turning unwanted, cheap cuts of meat into tender, flavorful meat dishes. Barbeque is perfect for tough times, and could be just the ticket to eating "rich" on a strict budget.

You don't need to be told that today's economy is as rough as it's been for some time. Gas prices are outrageous, home foreclosures are through the roof, and food prices are high enough to choke the life right out of just about any family.

The good thing is, you don't have to cut back on barbecued and grilled meats. Barbeque is recession-proof, as it turns out.

First of all, there are a number of different cuts of meat that will work perfectly on the grill or by slow-cooked barbecue techniques.

The classic of all Texas Barbeque meats, the beef brisket, is the perfect example of a cut that qualifies as budget barbeque. Not only is it inexpensive, pound for pound, but it's extremely versatile. One brisket can be sliced, cubed, or chopped for sandwiches, and with a full-sized brisket, there's at least a couple of meals to be had.

Ground beef is still very economical when compared to other meats. Grilled hamburgers are usually loved by the whole family.

Grilled chicken is always a good choice when looking to save money. You'll find various cuts of chicken on sale at your local grocery store weekly. Chicken leg quarters (a leg and a thigh together as one) are always inexpensive, usually selling for well under a buck a pound.

Same thing goes for hotdogs. Does it get any cheaper than hotdogs? And most kids (and many adults) are just as happy with dogs as most any kind of grilled meat.

Of course, pork lends itself perfectly to the grill or bbq pit, no matter which cuts you prefer. Buying in bulk and on sale, pork will stretch your buying dollars a long way. And like brisket, it's a very versatile meat.

Don't let today's economy ruin your outdoor cooking experiences. Budget bbq, and barbeque in general, are some of the few things in life that isn't designated for a certain class of people. From the rich to the poor, barbeque will always have a place in any economy.

All BBQ is Budget BBQ in Texas

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