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An Outdoor Kitchen Design in your backyard can mean any number of different components and styles. There are literally hundreds of factors and decisions involved in designing and configuration.

Obviously, one of the first things to look at is how much space do you have and how much space do you want to use for your outdoor kitchen design. Are you interested in a backyard patio kitchen that consists of simply a small barbeque grill island and a place for a couple to sit, or do you want and have room for one that rivals the kitchen inside your house?

Let's say, for example, you have a huge deck with a potential outdoor kitchen area big enough for several outdoor kitchen appliances and outdoor furniture. (We can always start with a big idea and pare down from there.)

In our "big" outdoor kitchen design scenario we have room for a large barbeque grill island with all the options and features. This design will make your outdoor area the focal point of your whole house. You and your family will spend most of your off time here. It requires a great deal of dreaming, but the idea is to get you thinking about your situation and what all you can do.

The bbq grill you have chosen for this design is big enough for 50 lbs of meat. It has a large cutting table on one end and a full working sink on the other. (I told you...we are thinking BIG here.) Cabinets around this outdoor cooking machine contain all your barbeque cooking utensils and plates.

To one side of the barbeque grill area is a dining area with an outdoor dining table and chairs. It is situated so the cook, or "grill chef" can be involved in any conversations going on and still be able to cook.

A full outdoor wet bar sits on the other side of the kitchen space with enough cabinet space to fit all the different kinds of glasses you need for different kinds of drinks and.....Ok, you get the idea.

I'm getting a little carried away with this particular kitchen design. What I wanted to do was to get you thinking about your space and any design ideas you would have. With today's outdoor products, the possibilities for fantastic outdoor kitchen design are endless and they are exciting!

If your design skills are not strong, why not get some outdoor kitchen design ideas from people who really know outdoor kitchen design? The first link below will take you to a company whose experts will design an outdoor kitchen for you at little or no cost to you. Assuming you like what they do, they would, of course, like you to look at their products for that design. And you may very well want to. But nothing is required or expected.

Take advantage of this and other expert advice throughout this site and see the exciting possibilities a great outdoor kitchen can bring to your backyard patio or deck.

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