Holiday Recipes & Great Grill Cooking Classics

There are many barbeque grill Holiday Recipes for just about every major holiday. Some are classic meats that work well on the bbq grill or smoker.
Prime rib for Christmas Day or turkey for Thanksgiving are two that come to mind.

What would be nice is to have a collection of recipes for the holidays that can be turned to time and time again for each major and maybe not-so-major holiday. It should be a collection that is at least a little different for each holiday, is reliable, and one that has the potential to become a tradition year after year.

There will be recipes for those you always think of when it comes to bbq or grilling for the holidays. We'll see if we can find the best recipes for those holidays. We'll present recipes for other days we celebrate in the US that we feel will be good representative recipes for those particular days as well.

Besides Christmas and Thanksgiving, there will be Labor Day and Memorial Day Recipes of course. Classic 4th of July will be presented, of course. If it's a major holiday, or even just a day we celebrate, there will soon be a major holiday recipe here or linking from here.

Grilled meat will not be the only thing on the menu. Great recipes come in bbq and grilled side dishes and salads, so they will be represented when good recipes are discovered also.

Enjoy this 4th of July for bbq ribs made simple and delicious. Just about everybody loves ribs, and when they're this good you'll want to put this on the menu every Independence Day.

BBQ Ribs

Buy one rack of ribs for every two adults. Marinade ribs in worcestershire sauce, pepper, season salt and garlic. Place them on the top rack of the grill and as far from the fire as possible. You just want to give them some smoke with as little heat as possible. Cook ribs for 3-4 hours or until the meat pulls away from the bone. Right before taking them off the grill, brush them with a good barbecue sauce.

Again, the goal here and through the links below will be to start collecting and presenting those classic holiday recipes that you can use for your own faithful collection of traditional holiday recipes. These are holiday recipes that are quick and easy, because nobody wants to be slaving for hours over the grill when there are celebrations with friends and family going on all day. Enjoy your holiday events and outdoor cooking.

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