Wild Game Recipes
for Outdoor Cooking

The vast majority of Wild Game Recipes seem to be made for indoor cooking. It seems like something is wrong here. After all, wild game itself is
a product of outdoor living, so it stands to reason that wild game should be adapted to outdoor cooking.

For example, Venison Recipes are usually kept away from outdoor cooking because it can be a little dry when grilled. But if the proper cooking techniques are used, venison can be delicious and juicy cooked on a barbeque grill or pit. Something simple like a good marinade is all you need to make a difference.

Wild game and outdoor cooking and living make the perfect fit. Traditionally and historically, the two are one in the same. They are part of the many generations of survival and "frontier" attitude that made America what it is today.

What will be shown here and through the links below will be wild game cooking with a specific theme in mind. Recipes will all either be specifically designed for the grill, barbeque pit, or smoker, or be easily adapted to outdoor cooking.

But first, here's a good trick to get the "gamey" taste out of some wild game meats like venison or elk, for example: Try soaking the meat in an airtight container with either beer, Coke, pineapple juice, or red wine. You'll find that not only does it get out most of the gaminess, but also adds a good but unexpected taste to the meat.

These outdoor wild game recipes will cover wild game species ranging from venison to dove and quail, as well as several others. Wild game cooked outdoors opens up a whole different area of cooking with many delicious possibilities.

Stay informed about updated information and recipe additions for cooking wild game outdoors by checking back often, or add the RSS Feed to your favorite web news site.

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