Use Good Mosquito Control For Every Outdoor Party

Mosquito Control

Effective Mosquito Control plans are absolutely mandatory if you ever spend any time cooking and/or entertaining outdoors. Everyone has been to cookouts or outdoor get-togethers where mosquitos literally take over. In some locations people just don't have any backyard get-togethers because the mosquitos are so bad.

When mosquitos start to swarm, bite, and sting, it makes you want to go inside and stay there. Mosquito control usually means a can of mosquito spray placed in every corner. In situations like these, the only ones partying are the mosquitos.

Of course, mosquitos carry diseases like the West Nile Virus, so it is absolutely a must that you keep these little biting pests away as much as possible.

With just a little planning and a few pest control ideas, you don't ever have to let mosquitos get past your backyard fence and onto your patio or deck again. There are really good mosquito products and ideas today that will make you forget about your mosquito problems forever.

The first thing to do for mosquito control is to practice a little preventative maintenance. Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, so anywhere around your house that water has a chance to collect should be taken care of.

Look for any old tires, pales or buckets, or trash cans that rain water might have a chance to collect in. Also, look under the house for any places that water can collect. Keeping your yard mowed will help also.

Good pesticides are the most effective mosquito killer. But if you absolutely will not use pesticides to kill mosquitos, here are a few ideas that will help to get rid of those nasty little pests that yard maintenance didn't:

  • Mosquitos do not like anything lemon scented, so mix up a batch of equal parts lemon dish soap, lemon juice, and lemon ammonia. Spray it with a small sprayer ever couple of weeks, and the mosquitos will hate you.

  • Along the same lines, place pots of lemongrass around your yard. Although it's not actual lemons they're smelling, mosquitos don't know any better and will stay away.

  • Buy or build a bat house or a purple martin bird house. Bats and these devour mosquitos and other insects like crazy. Bird or bat houses can be purchased at various home and garden spots.

  • Of course, citronella works great and comes in various forms like candles or oil. You can wet pieces of cloth or old sponges with the citronella oil and place them ar various spots around the yard.

Mosquito control is just a matter getting rid of a few things that mosquitos love and adding a few things that mosquitos hate. Taking care of those things will help greatly with your mosquito problems.

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