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Interesting Links to Quality Websites

When making web pages for this site, I frequently come across quality websites with Texas Partners links. They are not necessarily related to barbeque or outdoor cooking, but they are all good interesting links, with Texas products and services, and you can never go wrong with Texas things.

It seems like no matter where you end up living, if you were once a Texan, you will always be a Texan. People outside of Texas will probably never understand this, but we Texans know it's true. A native Texas sometimes comes across as arrogant, but that's just cause we can never get Texas living out of us. We always will love Texas, and that's just the way it is.

Of course, I would like to think that my interests and everyone else's were strictly in Texas barbeque and outdoor cooking related topics. That would be great news for my little website. But realistically, our interests are much more varied.

If you see something you like from Texas, please pay them a visit. As I post more sites, I'll break them up into categories to make your navigation easy.

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