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Nothing tastes better than smoked meat. But you need good Smoker Cooking Recipes to get the most out of your meat smoker.

Different cuts of meat need different types of smoker cookers, smoking techniques, smoking times, and smoker recipes to be properly smoked and to bring out that delicious smoked flavor.

All smoked meats need good smoker cooking recipes to get the most flavor for that particular cut of meat. It's just a matter of putting the right ingredients with the right meat for the right smoked meat flavor. Experimenting on different cooking equipment with different cooking techniques and meat cuts is the most effective way to get the results you want.

For example, a beef brisket is not really an ideal cut of meat for a wood or charcoal smoker that puts out a lot of smoke. This is because a brisket will soak up too much of the smoke from whichever smoker wood you use. All you will taste is the smoke, and not the brisket.

A brisket will, however, do well on an electric smoker. Electric smokers do not produce as much smoke as wood smokers do. It is also a controlled heat that allows you to keep the same temperature for many hours at a time. So feel free to use any smoker cooking recipes you have for beef brisket on an electric smoker.

A pork butt or pork shoulder, on the other hand, works really well when using good smoker recipes. It is not as "smoke-absorbent" as the brisket, so the flavor of the meat itself is able to come through.

Of course poultry, like turkey or chicken, is very well-known for its great flavor when smoked. This is because of the ability of poultry to absorb smoke in a limited way. And experiment with different kinds of "birds" for bbq smoking. A smoked duck or goose is delicious and easy to do.

Other very good smoker cooking recipes will be found below. And there will be frequent additions to the list as good recipes are found. Check back often, and add to your feed using the buttons in the top left column.

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