Learn How to Build a Pergola Using Limited Woodworking Skills

You can learn how to build a pergola that is beautiful, classy and very functional. All you need for this outdoor project are a few basic woodworking skills, some good woodworking plans, and basic woodworking tools.

Pergola designs are as varied as any other building project, but given the basics, you can adapt a good, simple pergola plan to fit your patio or deck design.

I'll be giving you some links that will show you how to build a pergola, as well as various pergola designs and plans. But first let's go over the practical uses of a pergola.

Besides the classic beauty, here are some of the practical applications you may or may not have considered:

A pergola can filter light with its lattice-like canopy. Pergolas are often used as open-roofed gateways to homes from your garage or garden. Pergolas can bridge an area between a deck that's separate from the house. You can even use a pergola the same way as a trellis or arbor, by growing vines or other climbing plants on the pergola.

A pergola can be placed over all or part of a patio deck for increased shade and beautiful design. The pergola gives a cooling off zone, causing "breaks" from direct sun. They will actually lower the temperature on that part of your deck by a few degrees. But enough sun gets through to still get that "warmness" from that.

Use your imagination and look at the place you want to build your pergula. Get one of these free and easy plans below, adapt it to your situation, and start building this outdoor project. You can build a pergola in a weekend and enjoy it for many years.

Pergola PlanPergola Plan
Add elegance to your outdoor living with this airy pavilion!

Easily sized to fit any space, this versatile pergola will enhance your deck, patio or yard. From Wood Magazine. 13 pages. ..

Pergola Plan

Step-by-step free plans and instruction on how to build a pergola

Easily sized to fit any space, this versatile pergola will enhance your deck, patio or yard.

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