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Interested in Selling Your Own BBQ Product?

If you have ever thought about making and selling your own bbq product under your own private label, you are not alone. But chances are you, like so many others, do not have a clue where to would start, let alone what all it would take. Maybe all you need is some good information to help you make a decision.
You will get a few ideas and go over some steps you would need to take to make this business idea a reality. With this info you should, at the very least, be able to decide if making and selling your own bbq product has the potential to make good business or a dead-end dream.

The first decision you will need to make is if you plan to do everything yourself, including making, packaging, marketing, and selling your own bbq product. Now, unless you have prior experience or great connections with all of these, I would highly recommend that you NOT consider this.

Although you may save some money doing everything yourself, it is truly rare for anyone to succeed this way. Most people just do not have all the qualities and skills to handle all the steps from start to finish.

Maybe you make a really good product, say bbq sauce, and already have a great label design in mind. And maybe you also have good ideas about how you can market and sell your bbq product. So in this case what I do recommend is looking into hiring a copacker.

"What is a copacker?", you ask. Well it is a company that that uses your recipe to actually make the product. It is not exactly your recipe because the copacker can not produce it in bulk without altering it some. There are other issues, but that's the main one.

The copacker works right alongside you in order to get the product as close to possible as you want it.

They are also responsible in the packaging of the product to government regulations for food safety and other considerations.

The Department of Food Science has put out a great document in pdf form that explains in detail about copackers. You will know exactly how to choose one, how they do it, and all the pros and cons of copackers and making, packaging, marketing, and selling your own bbq product.

Pick up your free copy on Copackers and see if this is something you would like to take on.

Click on the red and white Adobe button if you need the latest Adobe reader.

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