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BBQ Grill Cover

bbq grill cover

BBQ Grill Cover Sense

A barbecue party is really a great way to have fun. But cleaning up after a barbecue party is such a bummer. After all the fun, most of us would be reluctant to pick up the trash that litter our yard and clean the barbecue grill. And once we are done wiping the grill free of grease, we just leave it out in the yard and exposed to the elements.

That is a bad habit that you should break. Rust would envelope your grill soon if you just leave it outside unprotected from the moisture and rain. If you have an extra space in your garage or storage shed, you should store your barbecue grill there.

But what if you do not have enough area in your garage or shed to accommodate your barbecue grill? Would you just leave your barbecue grill outside? Would you just let it rust from exposure to moisture and rain? Well, the reasonable answer is no. With the tight economy, you would definitely want to avoid buying a new barbecue grill.

To prolong the lifespan of your barbecue grill, you need to protect it from the elements. If you do not have a means to store your barbecue grill inside your garage or storage shed, then buying a bbq grill cover would be the most reasonable thing that you can do.

There are many grill covers that are out in the market nowadays. Many of these are made from vinyl fabric. A vinyl fabric is made of a tough mesh fabric that is coated with molten vinyl, the same material that is used to make quality laminate floors.

The top priority for a homeowner who would like to keep his barbecue grill on top shape is to protect it from the main causes of corrosion: moisture and rain. A cover made from vinyl fabric would do just that. Vinyl is a tough waterproof material. As such, a vinyl-made barbecue grill cover would not allow any particle of moisture or rain seep in to your barbecue grill.

Vinyl is also highly resistant to UV rays. Intense heat from the sun would damage the paint of your barbecue grill. With a barbecue grill cover made of vinyl fabric, your barbecue grill’s paint would be safe from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Sizes of Bbq Grill Covers
There are two main sizes of barbecue grill covers that are commonly sold in the market. A small grill cover has a dimension of 23” D x 55” W x 23” H. On the other hand, a standard grill cover has a dimension of 53” W x 35” H x 23” D. A standard-sized bbq cover would suffice to provide all-year protection to a normal kettle grill.

There are also extra large barbecue grill covers that are designed to protect large grills. There are 70” L x 25” W x 45” H covers that can provide optimum protection for extra large Weber type barbecue grills.

Before you buy a bbq grill cover, you should take the exact measurements of your barbecue grill. You should choose a grill cover that has a length that is equal or larger than your grill.

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