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BBQ Grill Parts

The Making of BBQ Grill Parts Into a Great Grill

bbq grill parts Everything is made up of parts. Animals are made of organs. Organs in turn are composed of tissues, which are a collection of cells. Then, the cells that constitute a tissue are made up of several parts. Like a living entity, the barbecue grill is not just a single entity. It is made of several essential parts.

Perhaps the most readily seen and recognizable bbq grill part is the cooking grid. After all, the cooking grid is where the food is cooked in a grill.

The first cooking grid was made of a wooden structure. The first Spanish conquistadors documented the Arawak people’s use of a wooden cooking grid to roast meat. Nowadays, the wooden cooking grid has been displaced by several more durable materials.

The most popular cooking grid today is the stainless steel cooking grid. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this cooking grid is built to last for a long time. Almost all stainless steel cooking grids have life warranties. Stainless steel grids, though, are expensive. But you will definitely get your money’s worth since it will most likely last a lifetime provided that you take proper care.

Cast iron cooking grids are also popular, especially with charcoal grill enthusiasts. Cast iron grids are sturdy and affordable. However, it cannot match the lifetime durability of stainless steel grids. It is susceptible to corrosion. You would need to apply oil to a cast iron cooking grid to prevent it from acquiring rust.

Charcoal Grate:
For charcoal grills, the grate is a very important part. Most charcoal barbecue grill enthusiasts prefer a stainless steel grate because of its sturdiness. The only drawback is its costly price. An alternative for those with limited budget is the cast iron grate. It is as sturdy as stainless steel grate. However, cast iron grate needs to be constantly cleaned so that it would not get corroded.

Grill Pan:
For charcoal barbecue grill enthusiasts, the pan is as important as the cooking grid. A charcoal barbecue grill pan is usually round. The most common material is cast iron. Stainless steel pans would last longer but are a bit expensive.

Ash Catcher:
The ash catcher is another essential bbq grill part. It helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the barbecue area by collecting the ash from burnt charcoal. Stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum are the most common ash catcher material.

Legs and Wheels:
Mobility is a must for an outdoor barbecue grill. Nowadays, most grills have legs that have attached wheels that help barbecue enthusiasts to easily move their grills from one spot to another.

The most common barbecue grill leg material is cast iron. Stainless steel barbecue grill legs are also popular because of its sturdiness and resistance to rust.

One of the popular barbecue grill wheels is the Weber 6” wheel, which is crack-proof and can withstand all types of weather extremes.

The lid is an essential part of modern barbecue grills. It does not only prevent nasty flare-ups from dripping grease, but it also allows heat to be evenly distributed around the food as it is being cooked. It also keeps flavor-enriching smoke produced by dripping grease or burning charcoal inside.

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