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Outdoor Barbecue Grill Options

Get the Facts Before Spending a Bundle On an Outdoor Barbecue Grill
outdoor barbecue grill

We now live in an increasingly globalized world and a global culture is not just a fictional mirage: it has become a reality. People from every part of the world have become interconnected. Traditions are being shared at an extremely fast rate.

Thirty years ago, Hip-hop was an avant-garde musical that was being cultivated in New York’s South Bronx ghettos. It was an exclusively African-American creation. It has since spread throughout the globe and there are Chinese, Hindi, Thai, and Arab rappers. Hip-hop has definitely gone global.

And if there is another American tradition that has become globalized, that will definitely be outdoor barbecue cooking.

Grilling has existed in the Americas since pre-colonial times. The Arawak people were known to use a wooden structure to roast meat. Meat cooked in the slow fire using the wooden grilling structure of the Arawak was dubbed barbacoa by the Spaniards. For sometime, though, barbacoa referred to the wooden structure used to roast meat and not to the act of grilling itself. But the term stuck and was eventually used to describe the pit style cooking techniques that originated in the Southern US. Eventually, barbacoa evolved into barbecuing.

Kinds of Outdoor Grill:Barbecuing in the Southern US was originally used to slow cook hogs. Nowadays, various mouth-watering grilling dishes are cooked using outdoor grill. Gone are the days where barbecue dishes were cooked in wooden grilling structures. These days, there many types of outdoor barbecue grills.

Outdoor Charcoal Barbecue Grill:Perhaps the most common type of outdoor barbecue grill is the charcoal barbecue grill. This type of grill either uses all-natural lump charcoal or briquettes (processed charcoal). Some people prefer briquettes because of the uniform heat and excellent burn rate produced. On the other hand, some outdoor grilling enthusiasts love all-natural lumps because dishes cooked with natural charcoal have subtle aromas.

Outdoor Gas Barbecue Grill:Another common type of outdoor barbecue grills is the gas grill. Using propane or natural gas, a gas grill is favored by some people over charcoal grill because it is cooking comes easy with it—after all, barbecuing with a gas grill can start within seconds.

Outdoor Electric Barbecue Grill:Another type of outdoor grill that is becoming popular is electric barbecue grill. This grill is perfect for those who have limited outdoor space. Also, electric grills are far more convenient than charcoal or gas grills. For one thing, you would not need to sweat starting a fire. Compared to gas grills, electric grills is much more suited to marathon barbecuing.

Rushing to the garage to get extra gas to fill up an empty gas tank is a hassle that most people with gas grills face when doing marathon barbecues. That kind of inconvenience is virtually impossible with an electric barbecue grill. As long as there is electricity, you can just sit back and concentrate on your cooking for hours on end. Some barbecue enthusiast, however, say that dishes cooked using electric grills lack the smoky aroma and flavor of those cooked in charcoal grills.

But whatever type of grill you would use, there is no doubt that barbecuing is an enjoyable activity. It is arguably the simplest and most perfect way to have fun with your friends and family over the weekend. Buy an outdoor barbecue grill and see how fun life can be.

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