An Outdoor Oven Makes A Great Backyard Addition

Part Of An Overall Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor ovens give you the versatility to bake outdoors, and give you the ability to move your whole indoor menus to your deck or patio. Everything from rustic bread to baked beans to potato casseroles are now possible with these outdoor appliances.

Should you decide you need you first should see what is available. You can either buy an oven for your backyard, or you can build one.

There are now products on the market that allow you to purchase from a variety of interesting outdoor ovens. The use of these ovens is still a very recent development in outdoor cooking, so inventors are regularly coming up with new product ideas.

One of the first products ever developed was the dutch oven, but that really is not an oven at all, but a big deep pot, usally made of cast iron. Options for real outdoor baking are being deloped regularly.

There are now a few ovens available that work with your current grill or barbeque pit, and there are stand-alone ones that use electricity or gas to bake food without having to use any other outdoor appliances. Again, because this is still a relatively new idea in outdoor cooking, you may have a hard time finding sources for these. I will be adding ideas to this page as I find them.

Another option is to build an oven using brick or some other building material. If you have some basic building skills, then this is a great alternative. This will allow you to build an oven to fit your patio and needs.

There are many plans available, one of which is provided free by clicking the link below. These plans will show you how to build an adobe bread oven, called a horno is Spanish.

Buy or build an outdoor oven to be used as an overall outdoor kitchen design