J's Smokehouse in Monroe Michigan

by colleen
(monroe, mi)

J's Smokehouse! 16 W. Front St. in Monroe, MI. I love BBQ and have had some of the best all over the state. I feel we have the best right here in Monroe. They usually serve from their restaurant, but lately, I've seen them selling ribs & stuff from a few local parking lots around town right from their smoker they tow from their truck. I was reluctant to buy them for a long time because they seemed too expensive but I decided to stop and get some one day when they were selling from a parking lot. A whole slab of ribs, side of cornbread, and corn on the cob. It was 20.00 but it was also the best I've ever had. Very tender, fall off the bone, very very flavorful with a sweet sauce. yummy!!

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