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Ceramic Cookers
Versatile Grills of Design

Ceramic Cookers are becoming very popular these days because of their versatility. They can be used to bake, grill, roast, or smoke various types of food, and are able to achieve much higher temperatures, using smaller amounts of fuel, than virtually any type of grill or cooker.

One particular type of ceramic cooker is the Kamada grill. Based on an ancient Asian design, this odd-looking grill with a vertical, egg-shaped body, the Kamado cooker has been around for about 300 years.

Kamado designs are as creative in design as one wants. With ceramic tyles in any decoration or mosaic pattern, this ceramic grill can be just as beautiful as it is functional.

The Kamado is able to reach grill temperatures in 700 degree F. range and above, allowing its users to cook meats and other foods at a very fast rate, using less fuel. Temperatures can also be kept very low for slow cooking. Because of the thick (1-inch thick or more) interior insulation, these cookers are able to hold their heat longer as well.

Most Kamado grills (and certainly the traditional ones) are sold with charcoal or hardwoods as the fuels used, but there are Kamados that are set up to burn propane gas or natural gas. Generally, the gas Kamado will not reach the high temperatures of a charcoal-burning grill. Dual charcoal and gas Kamado grills can also be purchased, and charcoal grills can be converted over to gas later if desired.

Many cooker accessories are available that really help in the prepping and cooking process. Many cookers have small tables that stand out of the sides of the grill, and many have durable wheels for easy portability, which is important for a grill of this weight.

There is truly a growing trend in the use of these types of cookers, and this is surely to continue. There are just too many uses for this type of practical outdoor cooking appliance for it not to become more and more popular among outdoor cooks.

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