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The Secret to BBQ Country Style Ribs

You have probably seen Country Style Ribs in your grocery store or behind your butcher's meat counter. And you might have grilled or barbecued these ribs a time or two.

But let's uncover a little myth right now. You might not be aware of is country style ribs are not ribs at all. They usually come from the pork shoulder or pork butt.

Fortunately, none of this really matters much when you cook them or eat them. Country ribs are a meaty cut with quite a bit of good fat in them to make them succulent and delicious when cooked right. And they are usually easy to cook right because of this fat content.

There are several good ways to barbeque this particular cut of pork meat to get results you will like.

A very good method is to soak this cut in a marinade of worcestershire sauce and various spices that you like. Do this for a couple of hours and then grill slowly, turning every so often until most of the fat is burned off.

Another quick and easy way to cook these meaty ribs is to boil them in a pot of salted water first. They will render some of their fat, and it will tenderize them nicely.

After boiling for about 20-30 minutes, cook your country style ribs over the grill until nicely browned and slightly charred. Brush on your favorite bbq sauce along the way. Just don't overcook, as the sauce will begin to burn.

Also, after boiling, and before grilling, I sometimes like to cut up into nice big chunks and slide them onto wooden skewers that I have soaked in water. Alternate with your favorite vegetables, like onions sweet peppers, and mushrooms. Brush bbq sauce on them to make some of the best shish kabobs you'll ever eat.

Once again, do not sweat over country style ribs. They are one of the least expensive cuts of meat, and about the most difficult to mess up. So if you haven't already, give this cut of pork a try on your bbq and enjoy.

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