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Wood Serving Tray Plans for the BBQ Grill

The Wood Serving Tray woodworking plans below will solve two problems at once. If you have some basic woodworking skills and can build a beautiful serving platter from these simple woodworking plans, this food transport and serving idea saves a lot of trips from the grill to the dining table.

Let's assume you cook barbeque or grill out quite often. You might cook out almost nightly not only because of the delicious food the grill or bbq pit creates, but because there is less mess to clean up. Grilling food, in particular, is quick and easy, and perfect for weekday meals.

People having grilled and barbequed food don't always want to eat outside every time. Regular outdoor cooks usually bring the food inside when it's done, as not all cookouts are big parties. You can't ever seem to get all the food onto one serving plate or tray, so you stillSo you end up making several trips in and out as the food is getting done.

To keep you from having to make so many trips outside, a good serving tray would be nice to reduce the number the trips in and out. But it would have to be a pretty big serving tray, or it won't hold all the food and utensils most of the time.

That's where this wood serving tray and these easy woodworking plans come in. This wood serving tray help you to present the food on the top wood surface, which doubles as a carving or cutting board. There's also an area underneath the meat carving board that will let you put in any utensils and spices you needed to prepare the food. And it's very easy to carry around.

Get these free wood serving tray plans in Adobe pdf form. This tray might just become your go-to bbq idea for all your outdoor cooking needs. You can even use it to transfer your cooking supplies, carve, and serve the meat when camping or grilling anywhere away from home.

If you need it, pick up the latest free pdf reader download from Adobe.

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