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Barbeque Smoker Trailers for Work or Play

Today's Barbeque Smoker Trailers(or smoker grill trailers) come in an array of sizes and options. Because of this they have moved from being strictly used for commercial purposes like bbq catering businesses to individual and household uses.

Barbeque trailers are moving to backyards, tailgate parties, and other large private parties. Their relative affordability compared to the big, bulky, and expensive smoker trailers of years' past has brought them more into the everyday mainstream barbeque world. Today's barbecue trailer for the individual is smaller and easily moved from place to place, even within the backyard itself.

Gone are the days when the smoker grill trailer was just a large grill or smoker mounted on a small flatbed trailer. No, these trailers are designed with a specific grill and/or smoker already in mind and built into the trailer. In other words, smoker trailers are designed as a whole, not put together from pieces of smoker and trailer designs.

A smoker trailer can be purchased today starting at around $2000, and towed by just about any vehicle. Trailers of this size are still available with most of the options of the big trailers, and with enough cooking surface for just about any party. And the quality of these smaller personal units is just as good as their bigger commercial brothers', promising to give you many years of service.

Some of the options and features available for many models include motorized rotisseries, adjustable racks and grills, ash clean-out doors, wood storage boxes, and slide-out tables for prep work. And they can be used as grills with direct heat or smokers with indirect heat.

Big John E-Z Way Towable Roaster / Smoker

Of course, the larger bbq trailers are still available, and because of the competition, at reasonable prices themselves. They too are of great quality and can be customized to fit any barbeque need, including professional catering. Some trailers could even be classified as mobile bbq smoker kitchens.

If you regularly cook barbeque for large groups of people, or just like the all-around portability and user-friendliness of today's barbeque smoker trailers, look into what's out there and see if it makes sense to purchase one. You may find you get more use out of a barbeque trailer than you might have previously thought.

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