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Easy Recipe for
Grilling Steak

Delicious Steak on the Grill

This is more of a steak grilling "technique" than a Recipe for Grilling Steak, but whatever you call it, the results are always the same...delicious steaks grilled perfectly. Try these steak grilling techniques for your next cookout.

This recipe for grilling steak comes from an article I found during one of my frequent search for different grilling techniques and grilling and bbq recipes. I've tried this technique on several different cuts of good steak and have been pleased with the results every time.

If there are certain spices that you have always liked on a steak, go ahead and use them along with the salt and pepper. The great results will still be the same, but if you add to it you'll just be tailoring this recipe more closely to your taste.

6 Steps to Grill the Perfect Steak
Author: Laura Bankston

There's nothing better than a nicely grilled juicy steak.

But how come I can't duplicate that restaurant, expensive, juicy, melt-in-your mouth, perfectly grilled steak?

Well, I found out how to grill steak perfectly - and with this technique, or recipe for grilling steak, you can too.

1. The choice of meat is important!!! Just because your local grocery store has labeled the steak "good for grilling" doesn't mean that it is. Lean meat does not do well. You want a piece that has marbling throughout. And these are good cuts: fillet (mignon), top loin (rib eye) - basically the same cuts that are the ones you love in the restaurant.

2. Next, proper heating of the grill is vital. If you are using charcoal, spread 2/3 of the bricks on one side and 1/3 of the bricks on the other. That way you have a hotter side for searing the meat and a cooler side for cooking the meat.

If you are using a gas grill, you will lose some of the flavor, but you will want to turn the heat down for the cooking portion.

3. Next, rub both sides of the meat with oil and cover with salt and pepper. Be generous with the salt and pepper because it will fall off during the grilling.

4. Place your meat on the hot side for searing. Cook on each side for three minutes to get the nice grilled meat crust color you love. For a hand test, I've been told that you should be able to hold you hand over the heat for 3 seconds before you can't take it!

5. Place your meat on the cooler side for cooking to your taste. The hand test for the cooler side, I've been told, is 6-7 seconds. You will want to use a timer to cook the meat - or use the slice and peak test to see if the meat is done enough for you. Just don't cut and peek too often or you'll lose all the juice!

6. When the steak is done, take if off the grill and let it set for at least 5 minutes. Some people call it "resting". It allows the juices to spread back out so that you'll have a juicy steak with a nice crust.

Follow these steps and you'll be enjoying perfectly grilled, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak that will impress and satisfy the most discriminating steak eater!


Try this recipe for grilling steak yourself and see if you don't get the same delicious results. As you will find out, these techniques are so easy to follow you'll be considered the steak grilling expert of the neighborhood.

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