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Portable Tailgating Grills - The Hottest Thing in Tailgate Parties

Portable Tailgating Grills are no longer one of the old grills you have laying around in in your garage. Nor are they the kind where you peel off the celophane wrapper, use it once, and throw it away. Those portable grills are ok for last-minute tailgating ideas.

For those that plan their tailgating parties to be the best and to have the right feel and atmosphere of a great tailgate party, portable tailgating grills designed strictly for the tailgate party are the way to go these days.

Let's take a look at the various categories of portable tailgating grills available. Some you may be aware of, and others maybe not.

Smaller versions of your basic standard grill are the first portable tailgating grills that come to mind. Probably the most popular model of grill in this size class is the Weber Q Portable Grill. There is nothing basic about it, though, as this Weber Grill is versatile enough for almost any party.

Another category of portable grills that are perfect for tailgate parties, and to me one of the most interesting, are grills that attach to your truck hitch or some other part of your vehicle. Of course, just the fact that they do this makes them portable and ideal for tailgating.

The largest of the portable tailgate grills are the ones that are their own trailers and are towed behind your vehicle. These are perfect for the largest of tailgate parties and will really impress the parking lot crowd.

You will pay in the thousands of dollars for a new one of these grills, but they can be used for all kinds of large parties and even as catering trailers for those with an interest in a catering business.

The King of Portable Tailgating Grills

Take a look at your tailgating preferences and decide what grill works best for you and your tailgate parties. It's not a life-altering decision, but it's pretty close.

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