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A Patio or Porch Swing Relaxing Times

A Patio or Porch Swing is a symbol of Americana like no other piece of outdoor furniture. It represents a relaxing, enjoyable, and sometimes romantic view of outdoor living from another time. Patio Swings are nice to look at and give
your overall house, deck, or patio design an inviting look.

There is nothing better than two people sitting in swing, on the porch or in the patio, and just reflecting on their lives and enjoying the surroundings in a calm and pieceful way. It is one of life's pleasures that allows you to get away from the rushed and hectic life.

There are many kinds and different styles of porch swings to choose from. Let's go through a few.

Some swings are free standing, meaning they are used and stand alone without the help of any other structure. Because of this they can also be moved anywhere throughout the porch, backyard patio, or deck with relative ease. They are sometimes made of wood, but often are made of metal tubing and other materials. Cushions are sometimes added for additional comfort.

Free standing porch swings can be purchased at any outdoor furniture shop or at many home improvement or department stores. The internet is a great place to buy porch swings because of the ability see and choose from many different styles.

Hanging porch swings are suspended from a porch, patio or deck ceiling, or from a pergola by chains or heavy rope. These types of swings are usually made of weather-resistant wood, like redwood, teak, or cedar. If suspended from a strong structure, they are very sturdy and can hold quite a bit of weight.

Here are some very nice, and free porch swing plans that are in printable Adobe pdf format. A gorgeous swing can be built using these plans if you or someone or someone you know has decent woodworking skills. If you need the latest Adobe Reader that's a free download also. It is a classic swing design that will give your patio or deck a great look.

Looking at the different styles, most wood patio swings have slats of various widths on the seating area and backrest that are either horizontal or vertical, depending on the particular swing style it is. Many times there are designs carved into the backrest, like hearts, flowers, or other designs.

Look into buying or building a swing for your porch or patio. Whether it will be for the front of the house or in the backyard, it will greatly improve the look and feel of your house. And best of all, a porch swing will invite you and a friend to kick back or curl up and swing away from your busy lives for awhile.

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