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Wood Pellet Smokers and Big Smoked Meat Flavor

The Evolution of Wood Pellet Smokers

Wood Pellets have been around since the 70's oil crisis as an alternative for oil, but with the realization that wood pellets are an efficient substitute for fuel in many different applications, they have recently seen a growth in popularity.

One application that is really "hot", so to speak, is in wood pellet smokers and grills. The reasons are simple but numerous.

  • Very little is wasted when wood pellets are burned. They burn down evenly and with nothing but a small amount of ash left. And they have a reputation of being "environment-friendly".

  • Wood pellets are very easy to handle. They can be purchased in different sizes that can be easily stored and out of the way until used.

  • They are made in any number of types of wood, giving the bbq cook many flavor possibilities in the smoked or grilled food. The flavor can be changed daily if different wood pellets are on hand.

  • Wood pellet grills and smokers cook the food with very little of the cook's attention. They often come with their own automatic wood pellet feeders, as well as built-in thermostats to keep the heat close to where you want it.

The absolute originator and leader in the making and selling of wood pellet smokers and grills is Traeger. They have a tremendous selection of wood pellet cookers with many option possibilities, as well as accessories and the wood pellets themselves.

Make sure to shop around, though. Traeger has top quality products, but other companies are getting into the mix with their own wood pellet products. In any event, it is always best to compare first, then determine what will fit your needs best.

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