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Patio Misting Systems -
Your Answer to Patio Cooling

Patio Misting Systems are really about the only way to really keep you and your patio cool during the hottest months.

Why is that important? Because those of us that are outdoor cooking enthusiasts really want to be able to use our patios year-round, or as close to year-round as possible.

Patio Cooling has really advanced over the last few years. There used to be no other option but to stay in the shade when the weather was hot and you still wanted to be outside on your patio or deck. If you wanted to get some sun, you just had to suffer.

Today, with patio misting systems that can be bought in any shape and design, it is the best way to extend your outdoor season. With misting fans and other portable and stationary cooling systems, patio cooling is pretty much "wide-open" these days.

Patio misting systems can reduce the temperature in that area by up to 30 degrees, depending on the system and the humidity of the surrounding air. That is very effective cooling.

Your typical low pressure misting system(Low pressure means that it runs off of your regular household water pressure.) will use about 1/2 gallon of water per hour for each nozzle on the system.

For instance, a typical 20-foot low pressure patio system with ten nozzles will use five gallons of water for each hour of operation. This is about the same as running your garden hose for only one minute. That is very economical patio cooling.

Let's take a look at some of the options for patio misting systems:

1) The low pressure misting systems mentioned above are the most simple and least expensive. This is because a pump is needed in a high pressure system, and that is usually the biggest cost. There is no pump needed for these systems since your normal household water pressure is what drives the water through the misting nozzles.

Low pressure systems can cost anywhere from about $50 for a do-it-yourself misting kit, to just a few hundred dollars for low pressure systems covering larger areas.

2) High pressure patio misting systems, because of the use of a pump, are capable of spraying mist over much larger areas, if needed. They are suited for larger decks and patios, and in some cases, cover large gardens for plant watering as well.

Depending on the size of area you need covered, high pressure misting systems will cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands.

3) Misting fans are another economical option that also gives you some flexibility and portability in your patio cooling. They can be placed where the people that need the cooling are actually located, and moved around as needed.

Misting fans will run from about $50 for small ones to a few thousand dollars for the largest fans.

Below are some free plans you can download in pdf form that will help you build a low pressure patio misting system that you can easily install yourself in one day. It is for a 20 foot system but can be adapted for longer or shorter patio misting systems.

If you need a free version of the latest pdf reader from Adobe, click on the Adobe logo.

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