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Natural Gas BBQ Grills

If you've seen Natural Gas BBQ Grills for sale somewhere but you weren't sure if one was right for you, maybe the information here will help you make a decision.
If you do not already have natural gas supplied to your house, a natural gas bbq grill is probably not going to be practical or economical. So make sure you have natural gas to your house.

Probably the #1 reason to look into a natural gas grill is the convenience. Tied into your current natural gas system, you never again will run out of propane just as you are flipping your expensive steaks. And you will not ever have to go for a replacement tank halfway through you cookout. That nuisance right there might be all you need to make a decision.

If replacing tanks is no bother to you, then how about saving money? The cost difference of using natural gas as opposed to propane is significant. Natural gas from your house supply will cost you less than half of what propane does. And that does not even include the gasoline that you use when you go to replace the propane tank.

To someone who likes to cook out as often as possible, these benefits of having a natural gas bbq grill will have you doing just that...grilling frequently because it's convenient and economical.

You may be wondering what it takes to make the switch from propane to natural gas. Here are some options to help determine what's best for you.

[Note: If you have any doubts about doing any of these steps yourself, consult a qualified professional or a good instruction manual. This info should only be used to help you make that first determination whether you would like to have a natural gas bbq grill.]

First, if you already have a propane grill that's in excellent condition(especially the burners), then you can convert it to a natural gas bbq grill.

This is done by enlarging the orifices at the other end of the burner knobs and by not using the regulator with the grill since the natural gas is regulated for your house's system. You can do this by drilling it out with a drill and a bit. Enlarge in small increments, then test to see what size orifices work best.

If your present grill is old or not in great shape, there are many very nice natural gas grills on the market. They generally are a little more expensive than propane grills, but again, the savings in fuel will more than overcome that price difference.

Another option is to buy a new propane grill and convert it to natural gas. This, of course, would also require enlarging the burner orifices and getting rid of the regulator. Or you could buy new natural gas burners, but the end cost of doing all of that would probably be just as much as buying the whole grill.

Splitting off your home's natural gas system to your grill is a fairly simple procedure, although it should not be attempted without you being absolutely positive of the steps and safety procedures required. There are good manuals out there that will help you fully understand this, or a qualified professional can do this in less than an hour.

In the end, if you decide converting to a natural gas bbq grill makes sense, you will probably find yourself doing a lot more bbq grilling than before. And you will be saving money in the process. What could be bad about any of that?

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