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Inground Pool Kits

Inground Swimming Pool Kits Are Catching On With the DIY World

Inground Pool Kits are allowing homeowners to install beautiful swimming pools at a fraction of the cost of a pool contractor doing it.

Just a few years ago, there were no inground swimming pool kits(or at least the kind that the homeowner himself put in). You had to thumb through the yellow pages and find a pool distributor. A representative would come out and give you a price to do a complete turnkey job from start to finish.

And then you had to take out a second mortgage for this "complete" building project because it was so expensive. Doing part of this high-dollar project yourself was never an option.

But today there are many options. They are inground pool kits. And they are becoming very popular with today's homeowner.

Of course, the biggest reason for this popularity is the money-saving aspect. Using your choice of many available inground pool kits can cut the overall costs of installing a swimming pool by over half.

You won't have to take a month off work to do it either. These inground pool kits come with directions that are easy to follow and customer support that is there to hold your hand every step of the way.

Make no mistake about it. This is a difficult project that does require someone to have at least a basic knowledge of building or construction. It doesn't necessarily have to be the homeowner, but most people know someone with the skills for this project. Bribe him some if you have to.

It is only fair to give you an idea of what it will actually take to make swimming pool project come to life. This is not intended to substitute the instructions that come with all inground pool kits. It is only to help you decide whether you want to do this or not.

Building Permit-Requirements for obtaining building permits vary from state to state and city to city. Most rural areas in the country do not require a building permit. Check with your local City Hall or government offices to determine first if one is needed. And If a permit is needed, how to you get one. Many inground pool kits have instruction that tells you how to obtain a permit.

Here's a great resource for extending the swimming pool season, providing extra value to your overall swimming pool and inground pool kit. It is an low-cost book called Build a Solar Pool Heater For Under $100. For those on a budget, this great resource is a true money-saver.

Calculating the Total Volume of the Pool

For a rectangular pool, multiply the length x the width x the average depth x 7.5 and that will = total gallons. Round your figure to the nearest 1000.

For a round or oval pool, multiply the diameter in one-direction times the diameter in the other direction times the average depth and then multiply by 5.9 to get the total water volume in gallons.

  • Select the Site and Stake it Out- Set your elevation so that the top of the pool will be 6 to 12 above the existing ground at the highest part of your concrete apron.

  • Dig the Hole- This is where it will probably help if you can find someone who has dug a pool before. In most parts of the country hiring someone for this will cost $300 - $600 and should take 6-8 hours with an experienced operator. Your local backhoe rental center or dealership should be able to recommend several experienced operators.

  • Assemble the Walls- They go together easily and sit on a ledge that is over dug around the pool. You�ll level them with a level or transit that sits on a tripod. Attach the coping around the top with the self tapping screws included. The coping has a receptor slot that holds the liner in. And will also act as a form for pouring the concrete apron. This takes about one day.

  • Pour the Footing Around the Outside of the Wall- This secures everything in place. It should be 8 to 10 inches thick and 2� wide. It takes 6-8 yards of concrete and about a half of a day.

  • Plumb the Pool- Most inground pool kits provide the plans and the pool equipment. Usually you provide the 1 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings. This PVC cuts with a hacksaw, glues in seconds and can be plumbed successfully by a anyone in a couple hours. It takes about a day for all the plumbing.

  • Put in the Bottom- Now is when you want to have someone who knows about concrete finishing. This is who will do the mixing and installation of the sand & portland bottom. This will separate the dirt from the liner and give the liner a good smooth uniform fit. This takes about 1 day.

  • Hang the Liner and Cut In the Faceplates- This is much easier with 2 to 3 people and takes about 2 hours to hang. The liner snaps in the coping and fits the dimensions of the pool. A wet-dry shop vacuum will suck the air out from behind the liner, and will draw it into place. You will now be ready to start adding the water. As the water is filling you will put on the faceplates. This takes about 1/2 day.

  • Backfill the Pool- Call that backhoe operator again to backfill or smooth out all the dirt around the pool. This should get it ready for the concrete finishers.

  • Finish the Concrete Apron- Call the concrete finisher back and have him finish the concrete around the pool. A light to medium broom finish works the best and should slope away from the pool 1/4 inch per foot. Should take about a day.

  • Clean Up- Clean it using the manual vacuum and adjust the chemicals.

If you think building your own pool is something you would like to do, follow the link below for information and pricing on several inground pool kits that are available today.

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