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Window & Door Awnings
Retractable Patio Cooling

Window and Patio Door Awnings can be an interesting addition to any window or door that leads out to your deck or patio. Awnings for your doors and windows will add a number of benefits to your house.

Awnings basically come in two main types...fixed and retractable.

Fixed awnings are naturally the least expensive of the two but are the the easiest to install. The lightweight aluminum frames and strong fabrics will last for years with very little maintainance.

Adjustable awnings, or retractable awnings give you the most flexibility of use, with the ability to block as much or as little sunlight as you wish. With that flexibility comes a higher expense and a more difficult installation, so these are all considerations.

Of course, our main focus of this discussion is to look into the benefits of door and window awnings as they relate to patio and outdoor living. But first, there are very good reasons to consider awnings for indoor benefits.

Awnings will reduce the direct sunlight on your indoor furniture, as well as to your carpet or hardwood floors by up to 50-60%. Direct sunlight will literally weaken the fabric in furniture.

Not only that, but window and door awnings will lower your air conditioning bills by a substantial amount without blocking off the windows and doors from the views to the outside.

The main benefit from an outdoor perspecive is the beauty they give to the overall appearance of your house. Modern window and door awnings can give your house a look that's different than all the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Awnings can also provide various shade "pockets" throughout the backyard patio or deck. This allows you and guests to periodically get out of the sun during a long pool party or barbeque.

Consider installing window and door awnings on your house. They will really give your house a dramatic makeover and different look for such a relatively little amount of money.

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