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Deck Maintenance Prevents Costly Deck Repair

Deck Maintenance is one of those necessary evil chores that has to be performed regularly or your deck will show wear faster than you can keep up with repairs. With costly deck repair being the result of lack of maintenance, your money will dissolve right along with the your deck.

Getting into a habit of a regular maintenance schedule on your expensive deck will save you twice the money and twice the work having to repair your deck from lack of proper maintenance.

If your deck is made out of treated pine, which is the most popular deck material these days, it will actually last many years before it even begins to rot. But in a very short time, and without sealant, in as little as a few months the deck boards could begin to splinter and chip easily. They will start to feel rough to the touch and generally just look bad.

The good thing is there are plenty and products and ideas available that can provide you with deck maintenance solutions that will add many years to your expensive deck.

Every year, at the beginning of the warm season, you should check your deck for boards that have become loose. Check the screws and/or nails to make sure none have started working their way out. If some have, replace the screws or nails with new ones and also add a few in different holes to make sure the old screw or nail holes aren't just bad.

After all bad boards are replaced and nails or screws in firmly, it is time to start cleaning your deck.

Buy a good quality deck cleaner and buy or rent a power washer if you don't own one. Remove all the patio furniture and anything else that is laying on the deck. Apply the deck cleaner according to the manufacturers instructions. They usually say to brush or broom it on. Wait a few minutes and use the spray washer to knock off all the cleaner and dirt that has accumulated. Be careful not to knock the wet soft wood off completely. After you're done, you'll be amazed at the deck. It will have a completely different clean look.

Let the deck dry several hours or overnight if possible, then get ready to seal it. Again, buy a good deck sealer that will keep your protect your deck and keep it looking great through the whole outdoor season and beyond. Professionals use an oil-based sealer for maximum protection. Some come with different wood tints already in the sealer if you want that look.

Again, follow the manufacturers instructions for sealants. If you will be spraying on the sealant, cover any plants that are nearby. They don't do well when sprayed with oil-based sealant or sealant that has tint in it.

After the sealant dries well, you should be ready for a nice spring and summer season around your deck. Keep that same deck maintenance plan year in and year out and you'll be enjoying your deck for many years.

If your deck maintenance still doesn't prevent certain deck repairs, here's some nice deck repair advice and ideas in pdf form for free download. Get a free download of the latest Adobe PDF Reader if you need that also.

After Finishing Your Deck Maintenance It's Time Some Deck Design

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