Competition Ribs Recipe
Award-Winning BBQ Tips

To cook Competition Ribs, it just takes a few little barbeque recipe tips and ideas to produce some of the finest BBQ out there. Your Ribs might not win national bbq competitions, but you're sure to be the Rib King among your friends.

Often times, it's the simple little recipe tips that produce the best barbeque. This competition ribs recipe is no exception. Try these little award-winning barbeque cooking tips and start producing some of the best bbq pork ribs you've ever tasted.

This is not a ribs recipe that would be used in actual competitions. It is designed to be a recipe for backyard ribs with a competition quality. With a little care, you will cook delicious ribs that will outshine any others you've cooked or tasted before.

Contrary to popular belief, bbq competition judges do not look for ribs where the meat falls off the bone. Rather, they like the meat to come off the bone with a gentle pull. And this is what is being shown here. Now, this is not really a recipe, but more of a ribs cooking technique that will produce outstanding ribs.

Rinse 2 racks of spare ribs or baby-back ribs and paper towel dry. Some people take the membrane off the ribs, but that's optional. You can peel the skin with a clean pair of pliers.

Spray them with a 50/50 mixture of Apple Juice and Jack Daniels Whiskey. Put on a thick coat of your favorite rub. Spray them again with the mixture to keep the rub on.

Another good tip is to cover the ribs with regular prepared mustard. Sprinkle the rub thickly over that. The mustard will keep the rub from falling off and produces a great added flavor.

Put on your smoker at low heat for about 3 hours. After the time is up, spray some more of the Apple Juice/Jack Daniels mixture and wrap them with foil. Put them back on the smoker for 2 more hours. Take off the foil, spray some more mixture, and put them back on for another hour.

If you want to add a bbq sauce, do it the last 30 minutes, but not any sooner. Any sugar in the sauce burns very easily. Just watch closely if you decide to. If the bbq sauce is thick, add some Jack Daniels to thin it out and you'll have your own Jack Daniels bbq sauce and marinade.

Your ribs are now done, and as tender as you can imagine. These truly are competition ribs cooked in your own backyard. Your family and friends will be the judges, and you'll surely win the neighborhood award for best pork ribs.

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