Learn How to Build a Brick BBQ Grill For Your Patio

It used to be next to impossible for your average homeowner to Build a Brick BBQ Pit. Neither the materials nor the information were that readily available to people outside the construction trades.

The only options were to call a contractor to have it built. Of course, this would cost a small fortune, and the homeowner would never get that feeling of accomplishment a project such as this can give. Who wouldn't like to be able to brag to guests about building their own barbeque as they're cooking and entertaining outside?

Today, with large home improvement stores seemingly on every block, the options are numerous. Not only are the materials available, but the "how-to" information and advice is also in great supply.

The homeowner, with just a few basic building skills, can build a quality, great-looking brick bbq pit within a weekend or two. And it can be done at a small fraction of the cost of having a contractor come in and do it.

Pick up a free copy of the brick barbeque plans below. They are in Adobe pdf form so are easy to view and print out. These plans are easy to follow and also contain information on how to use the completed barbeque pit, as well as cooking safetety tips and advice.

If you need a copy of the latest Adobe pdf reader, there's also a free one of those to download.

Again, take a weekend or two and build a brick bbq grill that will be a beautiful and impressive fixture in your backyard that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

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